Posted by on July 13, 2013

A few years ago I had to implement some securty feature, it had to integrate with some Java platform or had XSLT or something…I forget. I couldn’t figure it out, the documentation was opaque and all the blog posts on the subject were unhelpful, dry and lacked any sense of community.

I bemoaned the state of these blogs to some co-workers. In the Ruby world, I said, I could search almost any problem and find a helpful, educational and fun blog post written by “some hipster kid holding a can of PBR.”

Well, I’m not young and I don’t drink PBR, but I might as well have a Ruby blog. Energized both by the Ruby Rogues and my upcoming change of employers, I decided to get a blog rolling.

For ease of use I went with Jekyll Bootstrap and GitHub Pages. This may change if I find some technology I want to dig into, but I’ve been around enough blogging platforms (e.g., I helped Blogger buy a real server back in 2000) to know that lightweight and easy is what I want. Jekyll Bootstrap certainly seems to fit this bill.

Ok, introduction out of the way. Up next, some thoughts on Readme Driven Development, about which I’ll be presenting to Ruby.MN in a couple of weeks. That presentation, should you care to run it yourself in Reveal.JS, is here.